Birmingham International Dance Festival


Birmingham International Dance Festival is an award-winning biennial festival presenting a vibrant programme of international dance in venues and public spaces across Birmingham; creating distinctive new work; building audiences, and engaging communities in participatory activity.

Birmingham International Dance Festival 2021 Summer edition runs until 13 June, presenting a brand new digital platform, an online programme hosted on a dedicated Birmingham International Dance Festival TV platform which will present new livestream performances, film commissions, workshops and classes for public and professional dancers, plus an international showcase. Highlights include:

Lucy Suggate’s ‘Molly and Lucy’
Tuesday 8 June, 10am-7.30pm - Free
A series of duets made by greyhound Molly & dance artist Lucy, exploring the relationship with ‘our animal best friend’.

Leila McMillan’s ‘curl of hair’
Wednesday 9 June, 6pm - Free
An exploration of the experiences of trauma and recovery based on the artist’s lived experience.

Ward/ward Ann Van de Broek’s ‘Memory Loss Inside’
Wednesday 9 June, 7pm & 8pm - Free
Explore the experience of dementia as the camera takes you on a confusing and alarming journey.

Extended Play’s ‘Jukebox Live’
Thursday 10 June, 7pm - Free
To be livestreamed direct from DanceXchange studios in Birmingham. Three dancers perform to a live soundtrack by acclaimed singer-songwriter Mahalia, followed by a Q&A with choreographer Jamaal Burkmar and Mahalia.

Akram Khan Company’s ‘Chotto Xenos’
Friday 11 June, 6.30pm - Saturday 12 June, 6.30pm. Free on demand
Captivating dance production that takes audiences back in time, exploring the often forgotten and untold stories of World War I’s colonial soldiers.

The Autumn edition of Birmingham International Dance Festival 2021 will take place from 21 September – 3 October and will present a live – socially distant – outdoor programme including local touring, youth engagement and co-productions.